Your personal information is 100% safe!

We are extremely concerned about practices which violate the basic rights of choice and confidentiality and we respect the privacy of all our web site users.

When you fill in a form on this site, you supply us with personal information. You can see this information clearly set out on the web page where you supply it to us.

Fabiotte Trading BV uses cookies in order to increase the functionality of the website. Cookies are used to remember which items the shopping cart contains, when you shop at the site. The cookies are deleted when the user logs out ore closes his browser.

Fabiotte Trading BV log uses statistics. A statistics system gather information to give us an idea of how many users the website has had, where they came from, which part of the site they use, etc. The statistics at Man & Wood Europe only purpose is to optimise the functionality of the site in order to make it more user friendly.

Private informations:
To be able to process your order it is necessary to record informations like: Name, Address, email-address, etc. These informations are only available to Fabiottetrading BV and will not be passed on to anyone else.

Online payment:
The credit card information you enter when shopping at Fabiottetrading BV is sent directly and encrypted to our PSP (Payment Service Provider) and no one other than them and you see or record this information.

At all times you have the possibility to know what information we keep about you. You only need to contact us with your name and address. You will then within 10 days receive a mail with the information Fabiottetrading BV has recorded. If you want us to delete this information you have to make it clear in your mail.